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The Sheba Field Hospital was carefully designed and planned over a period of years to be as complete a facility as possible. Operating in 12-hour shifts, 24/7, capacity includes Triage, ER, Outpatient Clinic, Labor and Delivery, Isolation, Mental Health, Imaging, Laboratory, Pharmacy, and painfully – Pediatrics. Of all the heart-breaking aspects of this war, the worst may be the impact on the children. Torn from school, activities, friends, and home their lives become a struggle for physical survival. As part of the field hospital, Sheba sent pediatric specialists and took great care in creating the environment of the pediatric tent. And as expected, many children were among the several hundred patients that were treated just in the first 48 hours. These children’s lives will forever be marked and changed by the horrific trauma they are enduring now. But the loving hands and giving hearts of the Sheba Medical Center staff will do whatever they can to heal and comfort. Watch this remarkable two-minute video as the Sheba staff celebrate the birthday of a 12 year old Ukrainian patient.


One of the most scurrilous charges hurled at Israel, which seems to have spiked lately, is that of apartheid. The smear is ridiculous of course, but in particular, Sheba Medical Center is a shining example of why it is false. From the 25% of the staff that are Arab-Israeli, to the relations between staff, to the treatment Israel offers to patients from Gaza, the Palestinian Authority, and across the Middle East, Sheba is a model for coexistence. This one-minute video from the field hospital is powerful testament to that fact. An Arab-Israeli pharmacist, Ameer Zoabi, is working in the lab of the Israeli field hospital in Ukraine. The haters can hate, but this video speaks volumes and is well worth one minute to watch. We live in a time of terrible events as well as moments that remind us of how beautiful the world can be.


One of the remarkable aspects of the Sheba operation in Ukraine is that the goal is more than just treatment of patients in the moment. Sheba is seeking to do what they can to strengthen and improve the medical system in Ukraine. So thank you to the generous gift of donors in Los Angeles, all the virtual and remote treatment equipment of the “Sheba Beyond” virtual hospital will be donated to the Ukrainian medical authorities when the hospital closes, which will allow physicians at Sheba in Tel Aviv to continue assisting in diagnosis and treatment, long after the physical plant is gone. Another goal of the Sheba mission is training of Ukrainian doctors in advanced techniques. In this short video you can see a Sheba doctor training a group of Ukrainian physicians.

Prof Elhanan Bar On Advance Evaluation Mission to Ukraine

Min of Health Nitzan Horowitz Visits Field Hospital

Israeli doctors put up virtual hospital for Ukrainian refugees



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Breaking NEWS

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

liebe Freunde und Unterstützer,

mit sehr großem Bedauern müssen wir Sie darüber informieren, dass wir unsere Benefizgala zu Gunsten des Chaim Sheba Medical Center am

20. April 2020 in der Parlamentarischen Gesellschaft absagen.

Die aktuellen Ereignisse  rund um das Coronavirus zwingen auch uns, zu Ihrer und unserer Sicherheit diesen Schritt zu vollziehen. Im Kampf gegen diesen Virus trägt jeder von uns eine Verantwortung.

Die Benefizgala werden wir mit Ihrer Unterstützung und Ihrem Beitrag zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt durchführen.

Wir hoffen auf Ihr Verständnis und verabschieden uns mit dem Wunsch:

Bleiben Sie Gesund

 Mit freundlichen Grüßen

 i. V. Judit Edelstein

Vorstand Förderverein der Freunde des       

Chaim Sheba Medical Centers Tel Hashomer e.V. Deutschland


Dear friends,

Sheba Medical Center is playing a historical role in the quest for peace in the Middle East!
By the time you read this, Director General Prof. Yitshak Kreiss will be in Manama, Bahrain, where he will be attending the the US-Bahraini sponsored economic "Peace to Prosperity Workshop." Prof. Kreiss received a personal invitation from U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin both because of Sheba's reputation as being an oasis of peace in a turbulent region and due to our headline-making achievements, which were recently acknowledged by NEWSWEEK magazine. Prof. Kreiss is the ONLY Israeli hospital Director General to have received a personal invitation to partake in this once in a lifetime event!
These achievements were also highlighted at the recent Sheba gala in Israel and continued unabated with Dr. Talia Golan revealing her ground-breaking results in rolling back pancreatic cancer in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. More major announcements are due to be made throughout the summer by our talented medical staff.






Die Freunde des Chaim Sheba Medical Centers in Berlin
und Frau Elke Büdenbender
gaben sich die Ehre
zu einer
zu Gunsten des
Chaim Sheba Medical Centers Tel Hashomer

Einige Impressionen
Bilder 2018

Sheba Medical Center, Israels nationales Krankenhaus des Friedens,
feiert dieses Jahr 70jähriges Jubiläum zusammen mit dem Staat Israel.

Zum Auftakt des Jubiläumsjahres wurde Sheba mit festlicher Vertragsunterschrift zwischen Shebas Generaldirektor und Israels Finanzminister sowie dem stellvertretenden Gesundheitsminister das Mandat erteilt, das größte und fortschrittlichste Universitätsklinikum im Nahen Osten in„ Israels Stadt der Gesundheit“ zu transformieren. International anerkannt ist das Krankenhaus für seine Leistung auf dem Gebiet der Forschung, Entwicklung und Lehre. 8.000 Gesundheitsspezialisten versorgen jährlich mehr
als 1.5 Millionen Patienten aller Glaubensrichtungen und Nationalitäten
mit Untersuchungen und Behandlungen– Zivilisten, Touristen
und Soldaten– sowie Patienten aus vielen Krisenherden, die Hilfe suchen. Seit Jahren organisiert und unterstützt das Krankenhaus Hilfsmissionen in aller Welt. Modernste Technologien in der Krebsforschung und - behandlung, Kardiologie, Stammzellenforschung und regenerativen Medizin sind nur einige Schwerpunkte des Medizinzentrums. Shebas nationales Rehabilitationszentrum ist weltweit führend in der Traumarehabilitation und ein Wegweiser in der medizinischen Simulation.

www.chaimsheba.de · www.sheba.co.il
E-Mail: info@chaimsheba.de



Forschungsergebnisse des Ella Lemelbaum Instituts für Immuno-Onkologie im Sheba Krebsforschungszentrum

adoptiver Transfer von gentechnisch manipulierten Lymphocyten bei hämatologischen Krebserkrankungen

TIL Therapie
 adoptiven tumor infiltrating lymphocytes für metastasierendes Melanom und Eierstockkrebs

Prof. Gal Markel, MD PhD
Dr. Michal Besser

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im China Club Berlin



Peace through Medicine
Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer has grown to become the largest and most comprehensive medical center in Israel and the entire Middle East. Over 7,000 health professionals take care of more than 1.5 million patients annually, regardless of nationality, color and creed – civilians, soldiers and tourists alike – as well as patients from many crisis hotspots that need our help – from the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, wounded refugees from Syria, etc. Since years, the hospital supports and organizes aid missions to disaster-struck regions around the world.
Sheba Medical Center is renowned and internationally respected for its achievements in research, patient care, development and education. Latest technologies are applied in cancer research and treatment, cardiology, stem cell research and regenerative medicine. These are some of the hospital's main focuses. Sheba's national rehabilitation center is leading worldwide, introducing and implementing hi-tech and virtual reality into their treatment program, and also a pioneer in medical simulation.

www.chaimsheba.de ▪ www.sheba.co.il

For questions and response please contact:

ziererCOMMUNICATIONS ▪ Annette Zierer

Phone: +49 89 356 124 88 ▪ E-Mail: annette.zierer@zierercom.com
Sheba Medical Center ▪ Ulrike Haen
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December 2016

Dear Sheba Friends,

Just a few days now and Christmas is around the corner – bright lights shall fill your hearts with joy, gratitude, peace and hope for a better tomorrow. May they continue to shine and sparkle throughout the year and enrich your lives with the "Christmas Spirit".

I wish to thank you all for the support and love you are giving us throughout the years. Much like the "Christmas Spirit", we here at Sheba Medical Center keep the eternal light of our "Sheba Spirit" burning: empathic patient care is deeply engraved in our Sheba flag and an essential part of it.

Let us together look forward and embrace an exciting future in all fields of medicine including innovation, research and development of new technologies and technology transfers, breakthrough drugs and treatment modalities. In the New Year 2017 we will continue to deepen the outreach and cooperation with other leading medical centers worldwide and provide humanitarian aid where needed.

I sent you my blessings and vouch to do my utmost to make us all here at Sheba worthy of your support and belief in this great hospital.

With sincere appreciation from all of us here at Sheba and with my best wishes for the holidays and a happy and joyful New Year,
                                                                         Prof. Yitshak Kreiss
                                         Director General - Sheba Medical Center


Professor Yitshak Kreiss was nominated as Director of Sheba Medical Center today by the Tender Committee of the Civil Service Commission at Tel Hashomer.
Professor Kreiss, who is 51, received his MD at Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School. He is a Specialist in Internal Medicine at Sheba (his mentor was Professor Yehezkel Zidi, former head of Sheba's Internal Medicine Department C) and a professor at Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School.
He served in the Israeli Defense Force for a period of 30 years. Of notable mention were his positions as head of Planning and Chief Medical Officer. As CMO from 2011-2014, he headed the IDF's aid missions to various disaster areas worldwide. He was released from the army with the rank of Brigadier General.
Professor Kreiss is married to Inbal, who has headed Israel's large security project "Hetz 3." Today she plays a leading role in the innovated space domain and the ultra sophisticated espionage satellites of the Israeli Military Industry. The couple have three children; Liron, Guy, and Adi.
Professor Yitshak Kreiss is replacing Prof. Zeev Rotstein, who served as Sheba's director for the past 12 years. He will assume his new role in the upcoming weeks.

Farewell to Prof. Zeev Rotstein at Sheba Medical Center

The day finally arrived. Today, in the framework of one of Sheba's quarterly management and senior staff forums, Prof. Rotstein's life's work at the hospital was celebrated during a special farewell event.
Minister of Health MK Yaakov Litzman, Moshe Bar Siman Tov – Director General of the Ministry of Health, Yisrael Zinger - Mayor of Ramat Gan, and Prof. Mordechai Shani, former director of the hospital and president of Sheba's Research Fund, shared their personal experiences with the audience and painted a vivid picture of the illustrious person, Prof. Zeev Rotstein, who served the hospital for the last 36 years, and for the past 12 years as its director and CEO.
The unexpected and surprise element of this event was the appearance of Israel's 9th President, Mr. Shimon Peres. Mr. Peres is presently hospitalized again at Sheba' Heart Center with temporary heart rate irregularities, after he suffered a mild heart attack less than two weeks ago related to a blocked artery. At that time, he was immediately taken to the catheterization theater, the blockage was successfully removed, and he was released after 4 days feeling well.

Former President Peres, accompanied by his personal physician, Sheba's Prof. Rafi Walden, had taken an hour off from his hospitalization at the Heart Center to honor Prof. Rotstein with his presence and to talk about Sheba, its development over the years, and his sincere appreciation of the three people who had headed this institution since its very beginning – Prof. Chaim Sheba, Prof. Mordechai Shani and Prof. Zeev Rotstein. After standing ovations, President Peres returned to his hospital bed.
One thing every one of the speakers had in common. They stressed the importance of the hospital for its huge patient population and were in complete agreement that Sheba Medical Center was the biggest and leading medical center in Israel.



By Prof. Zeev Rotstein

Dear Friends,

This certainly is one of the hardest letters I ever had to write when I have to tell you that the time has come and I need to say good bye, close to the finish line to my retirement and a bit prematurely.

I was called upon by our Minister of Health, MK Yakov Litzman, to head the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. I could not refuse the minister's personal and public request to join this important and urgent mission to pull Hadassah out of its present pitiful situation and bring it back on track.

I have served the Sheba Medical Center for the last 36 years, serving as its director and CEO for the last 11 years. It's my second home, my life's work.

During the course of the last months, I went through deep and serious contemplations. It's not an easy thing for me to leave Sheba Medical Center. You know me well enough to understand that my heart and soul belong to Sheba. The Sheba staff for me is like family – and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful family.

I am kind of a soldier myself, serving Sheba and my country for the past 36 years to the best of my abilities. But then I received a transfer order from the "high command" asking me to save Hadassah, to implement the outstanding Sheba success model there and help it survive and become functional again for the benefit of their patient population. I am a good soldier, and when there is a national emergency situation, I answer the call and try to contribute the best I can.

Let me tell you what I leave behind at Sheba, a legacy that started with Prof. Chaim Sheba and Prof. Mordechai Shani, and was then continued by me:


Excellency in:-
-  Professionalism of clinical treatment that you will find only in the best hospitals in the world;
-   Teaching and education programs for students, interns and residents with emphasis on investing in and nurturing the growth of the next generation of doctors and nurses; Sheba's prestigious Talpiot Excellency Program was initiated 10 years ago in order to prepare the medical leadership of tomorrow;
-   Investment in infrastructure and breakthrough medical research that puts us on the international map as a leading medical center.

I would run out of paper if I had to write down all that we did and experienced here during the course of all these years. But there is no doubt in my mind that we all can be proud of our achievements. This makes us who we are – Israel's national hospital!

My deepest pride is the high quality of our Sheba staff. We have gathered here a group of excellent people working with devotion and empathy, a professional winning team
that is always ready and masters all challenges put before them. Thanks to their admirable abilities and their love and loyalty to Sheba, we were able to break in borders and make dreams come true.

During my years in office as director of the Sheba Medical Center, I fought many battles to achieve my goals of advancement - always guided by our special "Sheba Spirit" and my heart, and never losing the best of our hospital's interest out of my eyes.

Dear Sheba Friends, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and continue to do for our hospital. I am privileged to have you as partners and know that without your tremendous, generous and heart-warming support, we would not have been able to turn the Sheba Medical Center into the leading and most important hospital in Israel. Together we built an excellent and outstanding medical facility that never stops growing, developing and prospering.

I turn to you with a plea to continue supporting our hospital and my successor who will be representing Sheba as of next year.

                  With deep and sincere gratitude and love!                       
ZR signature Eng  
Prof. Zeev Rotstein



Ein grosses und herzliches Dankeschön an alle Spender und Gäste der Chaim Sheba Gala.
Hier geht es zu den wunderschönen Bildern von Alice Forberg des unvergesslichen Gala-Abends.

Chaim Sheba Medical Center

Das Chaim Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer in Tel Aviv ist das größte, bedeutendste und umfassendste Universitätsklinikum im Nahen Osten. International anerkannt, ist es für seine Leistung auf dem Gebiet der Forschung, Entwicklung und Lehre.
6500 Gesundheitsspezialisten versorgen jährlich mehr als 1 Million Patienten mit Untersuchungen und Behandlungen unabhängig aller Glaubensrichtungen und Nationalitäten - Zivilisten, Touristen und Soldaten - mit Untersuchungen und Behandlungen. Modernste Technologien in der Krebsforschung und -behandlung, Kardiologie, Stammzellenforschung und regenerativen Medizin sind nur einige Schwerpunkte des Medizinzentrums.
Shebas nationales Rehabilitationszentrum ist weltweit führend in der Terror- und Traumarehabilitation und ein Wegweiser in der medizinischen Simulation.


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Gala für die Klinik der Hoffnung, 29.01.10 BZ
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Schenken Sie Hoffnung

Innerhalb der letzten Jahre konnten Spenden in Millionenhöhe auf den Benefizveranstaltungen der Sheba Freunde gesammelt werden, so dass zahlreiche Projekte des Chaim Sheba Medical Centers unterstützt und verwirklicht wurden. Vor allem das Schicksal der jungen und ganz kleinen Patienten lag uns dieses Jahr besonders am Herzen.
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